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C L O E   X H A U F L A I R E

Native French Speaker - Belgium -New York City- L.A-London                  

Mobile: USA +1(347) 612-2902 | Email:         

Mobile: BE  +32(488)301185    


The first purge ( UNIVERSAL)                                       supporting                   G/ McMurray

The glue pot ( star. François Berléand)                         co/star                         J. Seri

The second true ( star. Frederic Diefenthal)                  supporting                   P. Monnier

Like clockwork                                                               supporting                   J.P. Lilienfield

Native battle                                                                  supporting                   A. Deluz

Wrong peccant                                                              supporting                   D. Le Pêcheur

Selective mutism                                                           co/star                         V. Terlinchamp

Einstein was a refugee                                                  supporting                   S. Cicuriel

The left lovers soul                                                        lead                             E. Bourdouxhe

Clash                                                                             supporting                   P. Linhart

Monday                                                                          lead                             L. Espindola -NYFA

Culpa                                                                             lead                             P. Corradi

Venus in the afternoon                                                  lead                             C. Yonca Talu

Make time with me                                                        co/star                         Eric Clay




 Jalousy in 3 emails                                                       lead                             Comedie of Bruxelles

 White night                                                                   lead                              Riches Claires

 La valse du hasard                                                       lead                             Theatre Royal de Namur

 Trap for a single man                                                   lead                              Theatre Royal des Galeries

 Kitchen and dependance                                             lead                              Argan42 production

 Game of truth                                                               lead                              Theatre Royal des Galeries

 One for the road                                                           lead                              L’Arriere Scène Theatre

 The dinner game                                                          co/star                          Argan 42 Production

 The trilogy of Belgrade                                                 lead                              Les Riches Claires theatre

 Little game without consequence                                 lead                             Theatre Royal du Parc

 Real happiness                                                            supporting                    Theatre Royal de Galeries

 As yes or no                                                                 supporting                    Argan42 Production

 The broken jug                                                             co/star                          Theatre Royal du Parc

 Be dressed                                                                   lead                              La samaritaine

 Little soul                                                                      lead                              La soupape                  

Cyrano from Bergerac                                                   supporting                    Theatre Royal du Parc

Fluent in English

Native French Speaker

Conversational German

French Accent

German Accent

Valid Passport

Intermediate Yoga

Advanced Skiing


On-Camera Commercials & VoiceOver Commercials Available Upon Request



USA: Susan Batson Studio, Larry Moss, Anthony Abeson

Europe: Royal Conservatory in Brussels, LAMDA



Best Young Creative Artist for The Belgrade Trilogy





Eyes: Blue

Hair: Venitien Blond

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 129

About Me

2010 - present

2010 - present

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